The Miracles of Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus
Rageh Omaar
Feeding the 5000
‘Galilee can look deceptively peaceful, but two thousand years ago, its people lived in fear of the Romans. The Roman occupation was a breeding ground for rebels – like Jesus. But his chief weapon was not the sword. His weapons were miracles; and they proved to be far more revolutionary.’ Rageh Omaar

The Miracles of Jesus is a highly acclaimed BBC series. Presented by Rageh Omaar, the BBC 's man in Baghdad during the 2003 Iraq war, it uses state-of-the-art effects, on-location reporting and vivid dramatic reconstructions. These are harnessed to explore the miracles as clues to Jesus’ identity. By looking at the founder of Christianity through his miracles, the series helps us to understand Jesus as he was seen in his own first-century, Middle Eastern world – by his followers, his enemies and how Jesus saw himself.

Episode 1: The message of the miracles
Episode 2: Signs of Divinity
Episode 3: The meaning of resurrection
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